Go Tent Backpacking through America

Many people who decide not to go abroad for their vacation may choose to go camping or backpacking. People who don’t want to carry around too much weight and who want to be able to break camp quickly and easily usually go for a tent backpack.

Go Tent Backpacking through America

Nowadays, people have a number of options when it comes to tent backpacking, and you need to make a list of your personal requirements regarding size, degree of weatherproofing, etc., before you settle on a tent backpack. If you know the area that you are going to, then you will be familiar with the climatic conditions, which makes choosing a tent a bit easier.

When most of your tent backpacking is going to be done in the summer months, a lightweight frame nylon tent should keep you dry and comfortable. This type of tent will be a lot lighter than a tent that is used for backpacking in different seasons, and would probably weigh less than 3 pounds depending on the size.

Some people choose to go camping no matter what the season; if this is the case, then you will need a strong backpacking tent that is durable in heavy weather. An all weather tent would still be made of nylon, but would probably weigh anywhere from eight to fifteen pounds. When you go tent backpacking, you need to consider cooking and what utensils you will need. Most tent backpacks come with a cooking vent and an extendable frame. These tents come in a range of prices starting at around $150 up to around $900.

You should buy the best tent that you can afford because your tent backpack, next to your water container, is your best friend. If you are backpacking in an area where you know that the weather will be exceptionally mild, then a dome shaped tent will do. The dome backpacking tent has extra height and is roomy, but does not have any real support. If you expect the weather to be good, but variable, then a modified dome tent has more support and is capable of dealing with a variety of weather conditions.

Enjoyable tent backpacking involves knowing what weather conditions you are going to face, what size tent you will need, and what you can afford. You may also want to consider waterproofing and any extras you might want. Modern backpack tents are generally waterproof and have seam sealed rain flies, so you won’t wake up soaking wet halfway through the night. A good backpacking tent is well ventilated, so you shouldn’t be bothered by condensation either.

Tent backpacking can be great fun if you are properly prepared. You will need to plan your route, so you know when you can make a supply stop. In case you get lost when you are tent backpacking, you should also carry a compass, some matches, and a supply of snacks. You should try to be sparing with your drinking water if you don’t know where your next supply store is going to be. If you take care, then tent backpacking should be a safe and enjoyable alternative holiday.