5 Tips When Camping In A Forest

Camping in the forest can be a great experience. The forest offers a calmness and the trees help you understand more about nature. Compared to camping in the wide open area, the basic rules and fundamentals remain the same. While camping a lot in my life, I have come across a couple of tips that should help you enjoy the camping trip a little more. Here are my 5 top tips for camping in a forest and have the most fun:

1. Do diligent research

Research is always important when camping. However, the forest terrain might conceal many dangers. Rivers can easily be neglected, leading people to set up camp below the water line as an example. Lightning and thunder may start fires as well. Doing research on the weather conditions and the surrounding area should tell you if it is a good idea for you to go on the trip. It should also help you when choosing a camping spot.

2. Pack the right equipment

We all know that camping requires certain items. Camping in a forest is no different. There are some people that prefer camping under the stars, often the vegetation under a tree is soft enough to camp without a tent or mattress however the floor is usually much more damp. Canvas tents are a bit more durable specially considering things can fall onto your tent. Pack a light weight camping chair and sleeping bag. If you have a standard nylon tent then we suggest packing a ground cover sheet as well. You will need a high powered torch – You get some lovely solars ones that you can recharge. If you are camping in a dense forest then that will not be an option as the trees block the sun.

3. Do some plant research

Many of us have been taught at a young age how to distinguish between different plants, especially how to discern good plants and flowers from the poisonous counterparts. If you do not have this experience, it is important to do some digging. If you are camping at a famous campsite, you should be able to find out all of these things from the site of a simple chat to a local worker. Here are some interesting forest plants that you should be able to spot.

4. It is much safer to cook on a propane stove

Nothing is better than a camping barbecue. However, the propane stove gives you much more control. If you love cooking, you should consider using a propane stove for this purposes. Alternatively, you can use a campfire, but the campfire might get out of control if you have limited experience camping. It is also worth noting that all embers should be carefully buried once you are done.

5. Include a bug repellent

Bugs and other creepy crawlies can be found anywhere when camping. Be prepared to have a few mosquitoes bother you and perhaps even a spider or two welcome you to the jungle. You should always be prepared for this and having a bug repellent spray will make a massive difference. Mesh coverings on your tent also play a major role. We do not advocate repellents that kill bugs – rather herbal ones that only repel them.


Camping in the forest is an excellent experience. It will help you break away from the rush of the city and calm your mind. Using these tips should make a difference and you can have a better camping experience. Let us know in the comment section if we missed any other great camping tips you like.